Admissions statement

Welcome to Admissions at St Olave’s Prep School. We invite you to visit us and see what makes St Olave’s such a happy and successful school. You will see confident learners and a caring, enthusiastic staff dedicated to children's education and development. I am sure that your child will be very happy here.

STEP 1 - Introducing ourselves – the Prospectus
The Prospectus gives you an insight into the aims and ethos of the School. If you would like to ensure there is a place for your child before taking your enquiries further, please call the Admissions Secretary on 020 8294 8930.
STEP 2 - Getting to know the School – the Visit
To get to know us properly, we recommend you visit the School, and discuss your child's needs and aspirations with the Head. Please call us 020 8294 8930. We will be delighted to arrange an appointment.
STEP 3 - Registering, and being assured of a place
Following your visit, if you decide that you would like your child to join St Olave’s, it is then necessary to register. This is done by completing the Registration Form in the prospectus (or available from the School Office), and sending it along with the £50 Registration Fee to our Admissions Secretary. Assuming there is a place, and subject to our assessment procedures, receipt of the £50 non-refundable Registration Fee and Registration Form means that your child will be reserved a place.

STEP 4 - Confirming you want your place
Approximately a year before your child is due to join, a refundable Confirmation Deposit of £1000 will be requested, in order to confirm the place, subject to assessment. The School holds this sum until your child's final term, when it is offset against any extra charges he/she may have incurred. Any outstanding credit will be returned to you.
STEP 5 - Pupil Assessment
For pupils joining Nursery or Reception there is no formal assessment, but children are invited to spend a short time in class with a teacher observing them.  For the rest of the school, we recommend your child spends a day with us. This also helps ensure that starting at St Olave’s is a happy, secure experience and not an intimidating one. However, we need to ensure each child can access our full curriculum and pupils (for Year 3 entry and upwards) are requested to take an assessment based on tasks done by the class they propose to join. A report from your child's current school is also requested.  For Years 1 and 2, sight of the most recent school report and observation of your child on their visit allows staff to assess whether St Olave’s is the right school for them.
STEP 6 - Induction before taking up your place
During the term before joining, your child will be invited to come into School to meet his or her new prospective classmates, and generally feel more familiar with the school environment.
STEP 7 - Joining the School on "Day One"
Every effort is made to make the first day enjoyable and relaxed. All members of staff pay particular attention to new pupils and a current pupil will be chosen to be the new pupil's buddy and helper for as long as deemed necessary.