At St Olave's we take pride in bringing out the best in all of our children. We believe every pupil is an individual with a range of abilities, gifts and talents unique to them. Our aim is to provide the flexibility for each boy and girl to develop, whether they are academic, creative or sporting.

St Olave’s strives to provide a secure, yet challenging environment which will stimulate and enable all our students to reach their full potential. Children who excel above and beyond the level of their peers in core subjects such as mathematics, English, ICT or languages are identified as gifted learners. This is done through nominations and regular assessment.

With practical activities such as sport, dance, art and drama children are identified as being talented if they are developing at a level 2-3 years above their expected age range. This is done through evidence collated in and out of school as well as specialist teacher recommendations.

Those who are identified as being able, gifted or talented will be monitored and supported by the Head of Able, Gifted and Talented as well as by class and specialist teachers.

We welcome open communication between home and school which is paramount to a child's success. If you feel that your child has a particular talent or possesses high ability, feel free to discuss it with the class teacher or contact the Head of Able, Gifted and Talented via the school office.