Early Years Education at St Olave's

“Early Years has happy confident children. They make good progress in their learning and demonstrate outstanding development”
— Independent Schools Inspectorate 2010

Developing a Child’s Curiosity and Imagination

The Early Years Foundation Stage presents us with a fantastic opportunity to provide a firm foundation for our children and their future development. Between the ages of 3-5 years old, children learn faster and develop more rapidly than at any other time during their life. At St. Olave’s we see the Early Years as an important, distinct time to provide a seamless transition into Year 1 whilst preparing our children for their latter schooling. We encourage our children to explore, investigate and create, making their time in EYFS a pleasurable and rewarding experience. 

Our Early Years curriculum is designed to develop confident, kind, well-behaved children. It is important for children’s all round physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Our pupils learn through talking to others, making choices, thinking and reflecting, working in groups and independently as well as structured play which is at the forefront of the EYFS curriculum. Pupils move on from Reception with an innate ability to make the most of their school experience and to achieve high levels of success.

At St Olave’s we believe the outdoors has an equal importance to that of the indoors in Nursery and Reception. Our outdoor curriculum is carefully planned and resourced to complement classroom activities. When planning and providing play opportunities, our goal is not to eliminate risk, but to weigh up the risks and benefits.  Our children also enjoy ‘free play’ using larger outdoor play equipment.

In addition to the playground, we plan experiences in Treasure Island, the pond, the allotment, flowerbeds and the local park.  We believe being outdoors and using natural resources offers the potential to try different activities and offers our children a new sensory experience.