International Primary Curriculum

St Olave’s Prep School implements the International Primary Curriculum; an exciting, topic led approach to the curriculum which will allow children to explore topics such as the Dinosaurs, Patterns and Space through enquiry based learning. Here is a brief overview about the IPC.

At St Olave’s Prep School we aim to produce a 21st Century curriculum which extends knowledge, skills and understanding, develops personal attributes and supports an international perspective in a way that responds to the changing world around us.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is an internationally-minded curriculum which is used in over 60 countries. Countries often link with each other on topics, which is a fantastic opportunity for us now that we are able to hold video conferencing. It nurtures a love of learning and encourages the necessary key skills and personal qualities. Such as teamwork, research, creativity, flexibility & thoughtfulness which will help children to be become able and inspired learners.

In addition to this, children will extend their knowledge and understanding of communities beyond that of our own country by exploring many aspects of other societies and ways of living.

How it works

Children learn through a series of IPC units of work. Each unit of work has a theme that today’s children find interesting and relevant. Examples of these themes are Time Travellers, Being Human and Space Explorers. Each unit of work lasts on average a half term and children learn many of their subjects through this one common theme so that their learning has meaning to them.

Linking subjects means that children can make lots of connections with their learning. We now know that the more connections that the brain can make, the better a child can learn.

The IPC has been designed for children of all abilities and all learning styles, and encourages learning in groups as well as individual learning.

The continued development of the IPC today ensures that children are learning a current and highly relevant curriculum based on the very latest research into the brain and children’s learning. Through this approach we believe that St Olave's will build on and enhance its excellent curriculum provision.

We would warmly encourage you and your child to discuss these topics at home and perhaps find some exciting facts for yourself to start each new topic.

Click on the link to view the IPC Curriculum Map

St Olave's IPC Curriculum map 2017-18