Swanage Day 4


Year 5 continue to have very good luck with the weather this week. We awoke to a glorious sunny and warm day (for November) after a cooked breakfast we set off on our tour of Durlston Country Park. Glenn led us over some fantastic countryside with spectacular views. We stopped, closed our eyes and just listened for a while, some of the children shared what they could hear and how it made them feel. The wind, birds and distant sounds of the sea had a generally calming feel. We then continued on our tour, we saw a lighthouse, a dry wall, a weather station, a fossil wall and finally we arrived at Durlston Castle. We were joined by our new guide, Scott, who walked us through the history of the Earth, from prehistoric times to the present day. It made us realise how little time human beings have existed on the planet. Following a picturesque walk back through the fields, we arrived back to the centre to enjoy a well deserved lunch.



Fuelled by food, we descended upon Swanage for our shopping trip. There were lots of little shops filled with trinkets and souvenirs from Swanage. The children found lots of things to spend their money on and we were impressed by how thoughtful they were in terms of gifts for their families! After our shopping expedition, we ventured back for another delicious dinner and dessert. We are off for chips by the beach later and then will enjoy our last night with pirate stories and hot chocolate. See you all back at school tomorrow!


Swanage Day 3


After a restful night, the teachers and children were ready for their next adventure. We turned the dinner room into a birthday room with banners, balloons and birthday cards for Ria and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her as she arrived. Once we had collected our packed lunches, we set off - it was an extraordinarily warm day! The children and especially teachers were shedding layers very quickly as we began our ascent. We walked through Swanage town and then walked up a very steep hill whilst admiring the spectacular views of Swanage Bay. We were very lucky to not lose any shoes in the mud but it was a close call! We all celebrated once we had reached the top and had a well deserved rest, snack and drink while Glenn enthralled us with stories of the mounds we were sitting on. We were still extremely lucky and amazed at the gloriously warm weather we were experiencing, it definitely did not feel like November!



We continued on our walk while collecting items for our Aboriginal journey lines, these were pieces of string on which we knotted leaves or sticks to remember where we had been, we could then use these to tell a story of our walk. We walked along the Jurassic Coast spotting the Isle of Wight glistening in the sun, stopping next at Old Harry’s Rocks for our packed lunch. After lunch, Glenn visually explained (with a little help from a few children) how Old Harry’s Rocks were formed, the children, in small groups, were then taken to have a closer look. The thankfully downhill journey continued towards Studland Bay, our journey ended with a scavenger hunt on the beach for shells. We then greeted the coach with happy smiles as it meant we didn’t have to walk all the way back to Swanage! Tonight, the children will be experiencing what life was like as a smuggler


Swanage Day 2



Our Tuesday morning started with a healthy breakfast and a talk to inform us about the day that lay ahead of us. The children boarded the coach with excitement and enthusiasm to see Corfe Castle with their own eyes - it was a race for the first person to see the ruins from the coach windows. Once we had gathered our belongings, we wandered around the village of Corfe and made our way up the towering gatehouse of the castle. Following our research at school, the children were very impressed by the size of it in real life and how intact it was. Glenn, our guide, talked us through the exciting history of the castle and the children re-enacted key historical events using their imagination. To end our visit, the children questioned a National Trust member of staff to find out how they look after the castle and grounds.


Following a short coach journey, we arrived at Putlake Adventure farm. The children had the opportunity to stroke guinea pigs, horses and sheep. We loved meeting Holly, the pony, who was 37 years old and Doris, the horse, who was 22. We think they enjoyed meeting us too as the children fed them tasty carrot treats! Then we heard from Steve, the farm’s owner, about he has had to diversify the farm to include a soft play area and other activities to keep his business going. The children were lucky enough to have a go at all of activities and even the teachers enjoyed a couple of laps on the go-karts! After the children acted out another nail biting story from the history of Corfe Castle we returned to the Townsend Centre for our delicious dinner. Later tonight we will be walking to the swimming pool for a relaxing swim before bed time.