Languages Taster Day

On Monday morning, all our Year 5 girls went with Madame Banfield to celebrate European Day of Languages at Blackheath High School. There, they were very warmly welcome by Mrs Rosado, the acting head of MFL, before going into a series of language workshops that really sparked the girls’ interest for new foreign languages. They started with a session in Spanish where they learnt how to greet people and discovered the staggering number of countries where Spanish is spoken. This was followed by a French lesson where they talked about the weather and were able to show off their wonderful pronunciation skills (hooray for St Olave’s pupils!). There, the girls even got to try out the language lab (which, of course, they all found fantastic!).  After a nice break with croissant and juice, they continued with a maths lesson in German (yes, a maths lesson! And they all loved it!). Finally, the morning ended with a Mandarin class where we learnt about the four different tones or ways to pronounce in Mandarin, tried writing in Chinese characters and learnt a song about two little tigers. We also had a lovely lunch in a “real secondary school refectory!” (I quote) and were able to use and admire the great facilities of Blackheath High School.  A wonderful day for all!

Madame Banfield