Year 6 at the National Maritime Museum

On Wednesday 9th November, Year 6 went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to start our new geography topic on Antarctica and Ernest Shackleton.


In the children’s centre there were lots of activities to do. There was a table to draw your own treasure map, cut out cardboard pirates, a signal practice area where you learnt how to use Morse code, A DEAD RAT!!!!!! (yuck) and a pirate ship to play on (if you think year 6 wouldn’t play on the ship, you’re wrong!)


We met Tom Creen a sailor who was on the voyage with Ernest Shackleton. He told us about when he was stuck between two ice blocks and how their ship was slowly being crushed. He told us of how he escaped and had to row 800 miles and walk 22miles to reach safety. He also explained the life of a sailor in more detail.

By Maya