Year 6 visit Dulwich College

On the 27th of November Year 6 went to Dulwich College to learn about Shackleton and his Endurance voyage. We learnt about his three voyages to Antarctica on the Nimrod, Endurance and Quest. We saw the archives, including the original sledges and sails from Nimrod and the James Caird, which Shackleton sailed over the 800 miles or 1300 kilometres from Elephant Island to South Georgia in the Antarctic winter of 1916.
 We were shown around by Mrs Lucy and found out many things we never knew, for example how Henry McNeish was the unsung hero of Endurance, due to repairing the James Caird over and over again, along with saving the crew by raising the sides of the James Caird to stop water spilling in.
We also learnt about the Endurance voyage and how determined Shackleton really was, never giving up even when it seemed hopeless.  We also learnt how he wanted to be the first man to cross Antarctica on Endurance and how even though he studied maths, he convinced captain James Scott to be a scientist.
By Henry