Year 6 Evacuee Day

On Tuesday 31st January, Year Six were miraculously transported to 1939 and became evacuees. We all had different World War 2 costumes.
When we arrived we went to a classroom and learnt about how the second world war started. We also learnt about how the countries had allies and how they joined forces. We were also shown some real gas masks. 
Afterwards we went into the barn. Miss Brown, Miss Lamb, Mrs Farrell and Mrs White all dressed up in funny costumes and pretended to billet us. Some children were chosen and had to prove that they were needed. We were given ID cards that had our number and our name on to prove we weren’t German spies.
After, we went into the classroom again. This time we heard the noises of some bombs. We learnt some of the bombs' names that they used (Doodle Bug). We learnt about bomb shelters and how some people actually slept on the underground rails! 
After this we went back into the barn and we pretended to be at school in the 1940s. We had a visit from the police (Mrs White) who told us that two children had stolen apples and then they got the cane! Miss Brown was an A.R.P warden. She taught us what to do if there is a bomb. We had a bomb drill; everyone had to go under their desks. It was quite cramped.  Everyone learnt how to write with ink. We finished the fake school by singing the first verse of the national anthem.
We went back to the classroom, completed a quiz to see how much we had learnt. We got 100%. IT WAS THE BEST TRIP EVER!!! 

By Ciara and Isabel Y