France Day 1

The sunshine followed us all the way on our journey this morning! After departing school we had a smooth journey to and through the tunnel. Many of the children were amazed that France looks exactly the same as England once we emerged on the other side! Due to the clear day and good visibility we were even lucky enough to be able to see the white cliffs of Dover from our picnic lunch spot.

After driving through the French countryside, past many farms and numerous vaches we arrived at the first experience of our trip… The Goat Farm! After stroking, holding, cuddling and feeding some baby farm animals we were taught, in French, how the milk from the goats and cows is turned into cheese. The children listened very well and managed to follow the explanation, even asking and answering some very interesting questions! Hopefully the parents won't be too disappointed but unfortunately the farm shop wasn't open this afternoon so that means no gifts of goats cheese on Friday... Well there is always the market tomorrow... Who knows what delights the children will find there tomorrow?

Currently, the children are sporting head torches whilst exploring the grounds of the chateau and engaging in team games. Everyone seems to be relaxed and comfortable and there are many who are even looking forward to bedtime!

Bonne Nuit from Year 6