France Day 2

Wow what a busy day!


After a peaceful night where the children in Year 6 really demonstrated how much they have matured over the past year, we had our breakfast before heading out to explore Etaples market. With varying success, all of the children completed the ‘The Apprentice’ style shopping task. In groups of four, armed with a shopping list and €10 they had to purchase every item on the list and bring back as much change as possible. The bargain hunters and barterers really stood out, much to the amusement of many of the French stall holders. Congratulations to the winning team!

After a hearty lunch, the children then began their outdoor adventurous activities. Today saw them swinging from ropes whilst crate stacking, facing their fears on the abseiling wall, aiming for the red in archery and focussing on their posture whilst fencing! Hopefully all of this activity will lead us into another peaceful evening after the campfire tonight.

That's all from us today as we’re off to tell stories and toast marshmallows!

Bonne Nuit from Year 6