France Day 3

The sunshine made a dramatic and very welcome return after a slightly chillier day yesterday. The children enjoyed a morning spent on site with fencing and climbing for one group, crate stacking and climbing for another group and the third group braved the morning on the lake, kayaking and paddleboarding. 

After lunch we were then treated to a guided tour of the chateau. As it is relatively quiet this week we were even taken for a behind the scenes look of some of the upstairs rooms. We were amazed to hear that sometimes teachers get to stay in these luxurious rooms! Alas, not this week. After this, we then headed into the town of Rue. The children were told stories of war heroes, escaping prisoners, circuses, elephants and jumping tree spiders - a curious mixture of fact and fiction. 

The children had a further opportunity to practise their French on the locals whilst completing a quiz about the town, set by Madame Banfield, as well as ordering their own drinks in the local café. We then headed to the local supermarché and marvelled at the selection of Haribo they had to offer! 

Currently, the children are having a ‘sharing party’ sampling the various different types of super sour sweets found in the supermarket… Tonight we have the chateau Olympics; a fantastic opportunity to burn off all this sugar! 

Wish us luck for a third peaceful night!