France Day 5

We’ve reached our final day here in Rue.  Following our frog legs and escargots tasters at dinner yesterday, we welcomed the news this morning that we were going to visit a sweet factory in Berck!  The children watched lollipops and sweets being made and even got to make their own lollipops.  We learnt about the history of the sweet factory and why it had moved location from Paris to Berck.  We then set off towards Le Touquet to eat our packed lunch by the sea before our final journey back to Le Shuttle.  The sun was shining as we ate our lunch and we were treated to a ride on a Ferris wheel and a run on the sand dunes!  We’ve had a wonderful time here and worked as a great team during all activities.  It has been an absolute pleasure to be with the children this week and we look forward to seeing you upon our return today - we’ll try to bring the sunshine back with us! Au revoir Rue!