St Olave’s Prep School is managed by the Trustees of the St Olave’s School Trust. The Trust was formed and registered as a charity in March 1970. There is provision for nine Trustees with a quorum of three, the Chair having a casting vote.

The Trust meets once a term (with further meetings as required), the Education committee forms part of the main termly meeting.  The Headteacher and Bursar play an active part in all meetings. Agendas are circulated in advance and formal minutes are recorded noting decisions made, monies spent/budgeted and actions agreed.

Current Trustees

Peter Houillon
(Chair and Treasurer)

An ex-pupil, took over from his father (a founding Trustee) as Treasurer in 1992 and became Deputy Chair in 2003.  He is a Chartered Certified Accountant and is the CEO of Kaplan Professional (UK), based in the City of London. Peter has three children all of whom have attended the school.

Alan Mundy
(Chair of the Health & Safety Committee)

Became a Trustee in 2001.  He is a Manager with London Underground and has responsibility for Ticketing, Revenue Collection and Health & Safety matters for his area.  He has two children who attended the school.

Luke Wygas

Became a Trustee in 2019. Luke is a barrister in private practice focusing on construction and commercial matters.  Luke has two children who attended the school.

Nuyen Raju
(Responsible for Child Health)

Became a Trustee in 2009.  Nuyen is a GP partner in a practice in Sidcup. He is a member of the Professional Executives Committee on Bexley Care Trust with responsibilities for Medicines Management and Exceptional Treatments. He has a keen interest in education and is also a Programme Director on the Sidcup GP vocational training scheme through the London Deanery. Nuyen has two children who attended the school.

Steve Welch
(Responsible for Site Development) 

Became a Trustee in 2017.  Steve is a Chartered Surveyor and is currently employed as an Executive Director at a Financial Institution based in the City of London. He has responsibility for Capital Management across their EMEA property portfolio region. Steve has one child currently at the school and one who recently left St Olave’s.

Matthew Wooder
(Responsible for Site Development) 

Formally became a Trustee in 2018 having been closely involved with the activities of the Trustees for some time. Matthew is a Chartered Surveyor and has had a number of roles across the property industry spectrum including in Special Projects, Managing Director and Partner capacities and is currently responsible for managing a small property portfolio. Matthew has two children who both attended the school.