Fees are inclusive of tuition, materials, text books, swimming, educational day trips and lunches. Parents with more than one child at the school are eligible for a reduction of 10% per term on a second and subsequent child attending simultaneously. If, for any reason, a child is absent from school, no refund can be made on school fees. Fees are reviewed annually, at the end of the Spring term.

On acceptance of a place at St Olave’s, parents agree to give a term’s notice, in writing, of a child not taking up the place or leaving the school and failing such notice, that the parent will be responsible for the payment of a term’s fees. Parents who are in default of any payment due on a pupil’s account may be requested to withdraw that pupil from the school until the overdue payment is received by the School.

All fees are due by the first day of the school term; alternatively each term’s fees may be paid by monthly direct debit payments. Additional charges for wrap around care and additional lessons apply as set out on the fee sheet.

School Fees from September 2023

A full term's notice of withdrawal must be given in writing to the Headteacher on or before the first day
of your child's last term at the school otherwise fees in lieu of notice is enforced.

A full term's notice also applies to stopping extra activities lessons.

Years 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 £15,360£5,120£1,280.00
Reception & Year 1 £14,316£4,772£1,193.00
NurseryFull Term (optional each term)£13,656£4,552£1,138.00
Spring & Summer Terms (Mon, Tues & Wed all day. Thurs & Fri mornings)-£3,720£930.00
Autumn Term (5 mornings)-£2,320£580.00
Extra ActivitiesAnnualTerm
Instrumental lessonsFor 30 lessons over the school year£885£295.00
Speech & DramaFor 30 lessons over the school year£660£220.00
Child Care
Early Morning Club£4.50 daily rate
After School Care (Playzone)From £5.00-£17.00 per evening


  • Those parents paying yearly in advance receive a 2.5% discount for fees paid by 1st September 2023.
  • A sibling discount on tuition fees of 10% is given on second and subsequent children attending simultaneoulsy.
  • The cost of cooked school lunches and educational day trips is included in the fees.
  • All fees are due by the first day of the school term, parents paying termly may pay by cheque, bank transfer or direct debit.
  • Alternatively each term's fees may be paid by 4 monthly direct debit payments as follows:
    • Autumn term - payments on the first of September, October, November and December
    • Spring term - payments on the first of January, February, March and April
    • Summer term - payments on the first of May, June, July and August
  • It is expected that Nursery children will attend sessions as per the options given above.
  • As stated above, fees for extra activities are based on 30 lessons over the school year.
  • No refund is made if your child misses lessons due to absence from school.



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