We believe that creativity, and the opportunity to express yourself through art, is fundamental to successful learning.

At St Olave's, the teaching of art is a process whereby the children can learn the procedures and applications of different techniques, as well as being given opportunities to express their feelings towards, and their understanding of, the world around them. 

Taught by class teachers and embedded as part of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), our art curriculum follows a skills based progression route whereby the same areas are revisited year on year but the the techniques explored and practiced allow for development and improvement at the pace of the child.

Each year, at the start of the summer term, an Art Week is planned. This is an entire week when art becomes the focus. Given a theme to work within, the teachers, with the support of the Head of Art, plan a week of activities devoted to developing an understanding and appreciation of various aspects of art, form exploring a particular artist, to developing new techniques and having fun with being creative. Other subjects will still be taught but with a link back to the art focus for the week. All year groups are then involved in creating a display for somewhere in school for their work to be celebrated by others.

We recognise the talents and abilities of our pupils by participating in a range of regional and National Art competitions, for example, the ISA Easter Egg Decorating Competition and the ISA National Art Competition.

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