St Olave’s has quality children's literature at the heart of all learning.

Our mission is to instil a love of reading and a confidence with words - written and spoken - in all our pupils. The Power of Reading encompasses the English curriculum. Years 1-6 are given a range of quality material which is used as a literary focus throughout the year. This ensures our children are exposed to a rich mix of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Quality children's literature is at the heart of all learning.

It is important to us that our children become happy and enthusiastic readers and writers. To ensure we engage all our pupils we use creative teaching approaches and enriched learning experiences. We approach literature through a wealth of cross-curricular experiences, such as cooking, art, dance and drama. Our teaching staff also explore different ways of writing and presenting work to continue to raise attainment in reading and writing as the children progress through the school.

The Power of Reading enhances the English curriculum.

The teaching of reading at St Olave’s, in addition to writing, speaking and listening takes place across the whole curriculum; such as the skill of writing an accurate report in science, a reasoned argument in debate or interpreting research collated for a history project.

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