At St Olave’s we encourage our pupils to calculate, to reason and to solve problems.

We believe it is important to impart a positive attitude to mathematics so we use our great facilities and resources to make it fun, interactive and practical. Our aim is for pupils to think mathematically, be imaginative and be confident in using mathematics from an early age.

Pupils’ numeracy skills develop very quickly from the start, because in EYFS they have many opportunities to play with stimulating resources which help them to find about number, weight, size, distance, time and volume.

ISI June 2019

Mathematics is taught as a core subject and is based on, but not limited by, the National Curriculum. We develop the core skills of numeracy, mental and applied mathematics, while also giving pupils the opportunity to explore the broader subject. This process allows for continual development to challenge the more numerate, whilst also continuing revisiting earlier areas of knowledge for those who need more support. We want to nurture a fascination and excitement of mathematics.

As pupils become older, they display very good numeracy skills as a result of effective mathematics teaching which ensures they have work which matches their individual ability, but is also suitably challenging.

ISI June 2019

We believe this is a great preparation for the transition to secondary school.

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