We are proud to share with you that we are working towards the Excellence in Pupil Development Award.

There is a growing awareness in education that the development of pupils’ personal development skills has significant long-term impact on academic outcomes, long-term success and happiness.

While academic success is one of our aims in school, preparing young people for life in an increasingly complex world, so that they can manage their lives, understand their responsibilities towards themselves and others and make a positive contribution to society are also key aims which will sustain them in the long term.

Actively developing pupils’ life skills so that they can be critical thinkers, creative, tolerant and empathetic people are necessary characteristics for citizens of our modern society.

The Excellence in Pupil Development Award is more than an approach to developing citizens of the 21st century, it is a way to ensure young people are equipped with the personal skills which will help them manage risk and setbacks in their lives, as well as enhancing their wellbeing.